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"Momologist" Christina Hansberry

 Co-Founder- Mental Health Advocate

Christina Hansberry is extremely passionate about mental health and is the self titled "momologist". Through her experience with Postpartum Depression, Christina gained compassion for other mother's in the midst of this challenge. Since then, the mission to stand along mother's suffering with challenges in their mental health became her passion. She shares her experiences learned through motherhood commitment to helping other moms learn about support options for mental health needs. As a wife of 5 years and mother of 2 beautiful children, she is dedicated to being a virtual mom-mentor encouraging successful family life starting with mental wellness. 

"Mom-A-Vational Speaker" Shirell Bates

Co-Founder- Global Children's Book Author and Kindness Advocate 

Shirell has been called " A Viral Sensation" in the media after going viral while pregnant with her twins. The nation came to know her through undesired experiences; however these negative experiences have only fueled her to further press into kindness. A journey filled with Postpartum Anxiety and a little gleam of hope, birthed a children's book coupled with an "Anti-Bullying Movement" and the unending mission as a speaker across the nation to encourage, inspire and challenge mothers and children to find the strength in their voices to overcome a spectrum of adversities from bullying to Postpartum Depression. Shirell has been married for 9 years and has 3 children.

Our Vision

To embrace every mom daily, one day at a time with encouragement in this journey of motherhood with truth honestly and wholeness; together in an authentic community. In order to give our the best care to our children, we must be mentally and emotionally well first. Mom KNOW Matter What is an online judgement free community offering daily inspirational content intended to encourage mothers on good days and also the weary ones. Motherhood is gift and should be cherished as well as celebrated. Maternal instincts will KNOW what's best, no matter what!   

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Our community believes in the continuous support of mothers being at their best mentally, physically and emotionally during pregnancy, postpartum and many years beyond. Let's arrive there together.